A few months before the most popular motorsport event, memento on the origins of the Monaco Grand Prix! Are you really unstoppable?


The origins of the Monaco Grand Prix

The Automobile Club of Monaco, was created exactly on August 26, 1890 by 21 passionate and bicycle lovers. Named "Velocipedic Sport of the Principality" and then "Monegasque Velocipedic Sport". Due to the technological advance of motor vehicles, the appellation of origin will evolve 27 years later, to become the "Electric and Velocipedic Sport of Monaco" at the initiative of President Henri Tairraz.

Alexandre Noghès becomes President of the SAVM, October 31, 1909

It was the beginning of a great automotive adventure with the organization of the 1st Monaco Motor Rally held between January 21 and 29, 1911, with Paris, Berlin, Brussels, Boulogne-sur-Mer, Vienna and Geneva as the starting cities. On the strength of this success and to anchor in the minds of its members that the future of their Association was now more based on four wheels powered by an explosion engine rather than on two-wheelers driven by the strength of the calves, Alexandre Noghès made publish a directory that included the names and addresses of members, route daisies for automobiles. The determination of the club officials was obvious: they were beginning to write the future.

The First World War, put the Automobile Sport to sleep during these four years of conflict. In 1918, the Principality mourned its deceased, several dozen of whom were members of the Association. Persevering, Alexandre Noghès returns to work, initiated in June 1914, he unveils the first week of automobile. The latter, includes various events for automobiles and motorcycles, an exhibition and a competition of elegance. A new demonstration that confirmed, that President Noghès and his team were in the real world. On March 29, 1925, the name of the association for the Automobile Club of Monaco, which we know today, changed.

As Commissioner General, Antony Noghès was commissioned to go to Paris to present the bid of the Automobile Club of Monaco for the organisation of the Grand Prix in the Principality. The answer was no. Deplored by this refusal, he remained stubborn. He set out to create a car race on the national territory, in the middle of the city. But was this idea of a speed circuit in an urban area feasible? He chose to entrust his project to the only people whom he knew would get a relevant and objective opinion: Louis Chiron on the sporting level and Jacques Taffe on the technical level. In order to ensure the financing of this event, Mr René LEON, director of the Sea Baths Society, perceived the full value of this event and freed up the necessary funds.

"No country in the world will have such a circuit!" . The official announcement of the organization of the Grand Prix was greeted with triumph in the Principality of Monaco. On October 18, 1928, the Monaco Gazette reported: "We are pleased to learn that the International Association of Recognized Automobile Clubs has admitted the ACM as a national club, bringing the number of countries represented to thirty-four." Six months later, the circuit of the 1st Monaco Grand Prix was inaugurated by Prince Pierre. A lap of honour carried out aboard a Torpedo Voisin, led by Charles Faroux the race director.

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